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A Light-Hearted Saturday Morning On WRNN

Fun Humor On WRNN 99.5



Stuart Axelrod of the Stuart Axelord Hour, which is broadcast on WRNN 99.5, invited David Hucks of MyrtleBeachSC.com on the program today.

MyrtleBeachSC.com was able to enjoy a light-hearted, fun filled Saturday.  The show featured a humorous poke at all things Myrtle Beach before the upcoming, November 7th election.

Jabs were made at Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes, the incumbents and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.


When asked about the show, Hucks stated that this Saturday’s show was being brought to Myrtle Beach by John “Pappy” Rhodes.  With tongue in check, voters were encouraged to stay home on Tuesday, because the election has already been decided by the Myrtle Beach Tourism Lobby.

An ongoing news-wire was featured on the show. A Myrtle Beach crime report update was also given, sponsored by John “Pappy” Rhodes.  The update stated Myrtle Beach had absolutely no crime to report on at the moment.

Axelrod, Reggie Gay and David Hucks made for light and humorous banter.  The chemistry among the three was outstanding.

The show took jabs at the Grand Strand Business Alliance, Brad Dean, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber, and the three incumbents up for re-election.

Hucks called the Grand Strand Business Alliances’ preferred candidates SPOTAS.  Hucks said the elected incumbents needed to check in with the Alliance constantly asking, “What I spota do? What I spota say? and how I spota vote on this issue?”

Differing updates came in concerning the Chapin Library which changed from one update to the next. Myrtle Beach is getting a library was broadcast on one update,  but not getting one minutes later.

Hucks said he wouldn’t call Gregg Smith’s campaign manager, Mary Jeffcoat (who supports the new library) a liberal,  but he did have friends in San Francisco who could not support her because she is too far to the left.

While the morning broadcast was a blast, on a serious matter,  MyrtleBeachSC.com does ask that all residents vote this Tuesday.

We thank Stuart and the team for having us on and we wish WRNN much continued success.




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