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5,400 People Watch Myrtle Beach Council & Mayoral Debates

Mike Hobeika Debates

The October 15th debates are the most widely viewed debates by Myrtle Beach city residents in the history of our city. Over 5,472 residents have now watched the October 15th debates for Mayor and Myrtle Beach City Council which were live streamed online at the MYRTLEBEACHSC FACEBOOK PAGE.  The mood …

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Low Turnout For Incumbent Campaign Event

Randal Wallace

An event at the Market Common Recreation Center held October 12, 2017 by Mayor John Rhodes, Councilman Randal Wallace, and Councilman Mike Lowder hosted a small group of 50 people according to Janie Harriss, who worked the event on behalf of the incumbent team. The three incumbents spent thousands of …

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DRC SHUTS DOWN MEETING: When Questioned About Transactions & Plans

Downtown Redevelopment Corporation

DAVID STRADINGER,  Downtown Redevelopment Board Member, Shuts Down Discussion When Asked About Diagrams, Renderings, Or Blueprints On Downtown Redevelopment On Wednesday,  October 11th,  Mayoral Candidate Mark McBride held an 11 a.m. press release at Nance’s Plaza in the Super Block of Myrtle Beach to announce that on March 24, Horry …

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Mayor Rhodes – “NO SHOWS” On Residents Again

Brad Dean and Allies

MYRTLE BEACH CITY RESIDENTS WHO WISH TO VOTE EARLY CAN CLICK HERE Current Mayor John Rhodes cancelled last minute his scheduled appearance in front of a packed local voting audience at the Dunes Club yesterday. This was his second no show at the forum in the past few months. Resident …

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