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Leader Says City Promotes Tax And Spend

Tax and Spend

Tax and Spend Letter To Editor   Leader Says Area Promotes Tax And Spend Government When did our local [Myrtle Beach] politicians develop a tax and spend mentality? A family member of mine in Gainesville, Florida recently said to me the sales tax there is 6.5% and asked what ours is. …

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Carol Duty – Letter To The Editor

Horry County Shelter

The Other Side of the Story The Horry County Animal Care Center I know Author, Carol Duty There are two sides of every story and one was told in an article dated Jan 2, 2016 titled “Local Rescues 70 Animals Over Holidays through adoption refunds” that lead some readers to …

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Musicians Upset Over Musicians’ Tax

Musicians Protest

Musicians Upset Over Musicians’ License Required By City Of Myrtle Beach Fines of $1,095.00 per instance charged by city of Myrtle Beach   “The City of Myrtle Beach is requiring all bands and musicians who perform within the city limits to hold a business license, even if the venue’s license is current …

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Top 20 Myrtle Beach Stories 2016

Ocean Bacteria Illness

Mass Murders and Beach Bacteria Were Among the Top 20 Myrtle Beach Stories 2016 Happy 2017.  Let’s hope Myrtle Beach fairs better this year.  In 2016,  Myrtle Beach stories included a viral 78-year-old woman murdered at a popular shopping mall and beach water pollution that caused 63 reported illnesses in …

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Shootings Continue City-Wide Over Christmas

Christmas in Myrtle Beach

  Gun violence continues city-wide over Christmas as November and December become high profile months of public shootings E.U. Study shows direct relationship between high crime on the streets and political corruption. Three more people were shot the morning of Christmas Eve at 3rd Avenue Sports Bar & Grill in …

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Chamber Used $60K In Tourism Tax Dollars To Pay Money Launderer

Jim Merrill Brad Dean Money Laundering

John Crangle Says More Arrests Likely Online records show the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber used $60K in tourism tax dollars to pay money launderer accused by Solicitor Pascoe. S.C. Representative Jim Merrill was indicted this past week on 30 counts of ethics violations by S.C. Special Prosecutor David Pascoe. Pascoe …

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