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Help Versus Empowerment

In the 1950’s and 60’s the black church led a moral uprising that encouraged white America to join in the mantle of what we all hoped would lead to true equality.  To those in power,  that equality was defined as a hand up.   White America, in the form of government and corporate American …

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David Hucks – Beyond the Single Story

As I recently watched an old Ted Talk about the dangers of the single story, a Myrtle Beach local suddenly came to mind. He would not want me telling his story as he rarely talks of such, but I believe his story is fascinating. David Hucks is  an entrepreneur that …

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Living In The Tension

When distressed, most days,  I simply want to forget about my problems.  I look for a great spot at the Ocean and veg out. That does not make my problems go away, however. As a person of faith,  I know that God has put me on earth with a unique …

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S.C. Perspectives – A History

  As South Carolina  embraces the removing of the Confederate Flag today,  we pause to examine the state’s history as does believe this is a watermark day leading to our state living out its promise as first dreamed by the eight lord proprietors at its inception. If anyone is …

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Historic Day In SC

In what was an emotionally charged ceremony,  the Confederate Flag was taken down for the last time from the state house grounds in Columbia, South Carolina today. While some saw the flag as a symbol of heritage,  others viewed that heritage as one of slavery and a symbol of oppression. The …

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