Did County Falsify Safety Records To Close Skydive Attraction?

Sky Dive Myrtle Beach

Local Attraction claims Horry County Falsified Safety Records to have their attraction closed

FAA Letter Appears to Corroborate Claims Horry County Falsified Safety Records

Yesterday,   Certified Safety Trainer,  Michael Davis, addressed County Council about those allegations.  He also spoke with our team about those same safety issues.

SkyDive Myrtle Beach, a popular area attraction, was closed by Horry County Government in October  2015.  County Council stated in the local Sun News newspaper that the attraction was closed because of ongoing safety violations.  SkyDive Myrtle Beach and their lawyers  have stated all along that Horry County falsified safety records so as to close the attraction.  The attraction refused to pay the county 24% of gross which was requested by council for the attraction to continue to operate in the Myrtle Beach area.  Records show the attraction had an existing lease in place when the new terms were demanded.

The Federal Aviation Administration released a letter to SkyDive Myrtle Beach that states it has no records of  documented safety violations. This letter corroborates SkyDive’s position.  This news only creates more drama for an Horry County Council plagued with ongoing multiple state investigations.   Indications are that the Federal Government may also now begin investigations in Horry County  as it relates to this matter.

Aaron Holly,  owner SkyDive Myrtle Beach, also addressed County Council about those very same safety allegations.

SkyDive Myrtle Beach sued the county on the grounds the allegations were false.  After receiving the lawsuit, as seen in the video below,  Horry County Council  members admit they have no minimum standards in place.  Concerned council members scramble to find a quick solution.


Horry County recently hired powerful Attorney Morgan Martin,  writing him a check this month alone of $1.5 million.   The county is currently under 2 State Law Enforcement investigations.   The County closed SkyDive Myrtle Beach last October with a raid on the property based on supposed “Safety Violations”.

Those allegations have now been brought into question by the FAA in the letter just below.


Stephen Evans CPA

It appears Horry County Council is lawyering up.  [Clarification – July 15.  Per an email from Lisa Bourcier of Horry County Government.  Horry County’s check for $1.5 million is a draw request for  widening of Glenn’s Bay Road]


FAA Response to SkyDive Myrtle Beach