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Myrtle Beach Election is 2 days away. Will voters turn out?

Myrtle Beach City Council

In two days, city elections will be held county-wide.  Questions remain if the City of Myrtle Beach will return the same incumbents, or like-minded candidates supported by Mayor Brenda Bethune, or Wayne Gray, or the two conservatives running in the race. [Ed Carey and Charles Gasque] As we report ongoing, …

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Tuesday’s vote: A chance for Myrtle Beach to look in the mirror

Command Economy

On Tuesday, Myrtle Beach goes to the polls. Will residents continue to vote for a city controlled business climate? While Mayor Bethune believes “Fake News” is among the city’s biggest problems, questions remain around the future of the city’s Command Economy that the mayor, city council, and City Manager John …

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Publisher sets record straight on Mayor Bethune’s claim

Mayor Brenda Bethune

Our Publisher David Hucks sets the record straight about a recent article Mayor Brenda Bethune called “Fake News” The Liz Callaway Show is among the most trusted radio programs in Myrtle Beach. Mayor Brenda Bethune was invited to be on the show during the same broadcast. She was also invited …

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Issues mount while Mayor Bethune doubles down on “Fake News”

Myrtle Beach

Blame it on Halloween season, or campaign season, or just a town in denial and decline. Yesterday Mayor Brenda Bethune went off on the “Fake News” narrative once again. Of course, once her “official” Facebook post went up, several comments did not go as the mayor planned on her own …

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