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Communist Chinese To Take Over Downtown Area

Chinese Takeover

Long standing business owner lists concerns of downtown merchants and residents in regards to our city leaders’ approach to government Communist Chinese To Take Over Downtown Area New MidTown Efforts Long Planned Have Started Brad Dean, John Rhodes, Mark Lazarus, High Level Chinese Communist Government Officials, and two key area …

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Tropical Storm Hermine Includes King Tides

Tropical Storm Hermine

3 p.m. Traffic Footage – Friday The city of North Myrtle Beach put out an alert for all tourists and residents of the greater Myrtle Beach area concerning Tropical Storm Hermine. The tropical storm warning release states the following expected impacts: Potential impacts: Potential wind gusts up to 55 mph, …

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City Can’t Get Chinese Story Straight

WKBN China

  City Can’t Get Chinese Story Straight Told Media Visitors Are Coming.  Then Told Media Visitors Delayed.  Now High Level Chinese Officials are mysteriously in town.   On August 25th,  Myrtle Beach Mayor told local news WBTW that Chinese investors would be visiting Myrtle Beach on Saturday, August 27th.   Less …

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Mayor, Chamber C.E.O. Back To China

Brad Dean Goes To China

Mayor, Chamber C.E.O. Back To China   Mayor John Rhodes and Myrtle Beach Chamber President Brad Dean  announced yet another upcoming trip to China this September 6th.   The “official” reason for this particular ten day visit has the mayor and chamber president attending a tourism summit. S.C. Chamber watchdog leader, Skip …

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Tropical Depression Spoils Labor Day Weekend

Myrtle Beach Tropical Storm 9

Labor Day Weekend tropical depression in Myrtle Beach forecast ed.   According to an official city release from Patrick Dowling,  North Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer tropical depression #9 will impact our area heavily over the next three days.  The 50 mile per hour storm will have cleared by 8 a.m. …

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Taylor Herlong

WBTW CBS Taylor Herlong says  article, not heroin epidemic is the controversy.   “[Myrtle Beach area] We were seeing, through the coroner’s office, not quite two overdoses a week,” Richardson said. “If [Myrtle Beach area] were not [a distribution center], we would not see such pure heroin.” Solicitor Jimmy …

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