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S.C. Chief Supreme Justice

S.C. Supreme Court Hearing On FOIA For All S.C. Chambers Heard Last October Who benefits the most from another ten years and hundreds of millions of dollars?  Certainly MBACC benefits,  but do the residents, the tourists, or the city of Myrtle Beach? Last October the S.C. Supreme Court heard both …

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Templeton – Mainstream Media At War

MainStream Media

Republican candidate for S.C. Governor, Catherine Templeton, and the mainstream media are now officially at odds with one another. This week,  Templeton called the McClatchy owned,  State Newspaper, “Fake News”. On Friday night, Meg Kinnard, of the Associated Press, published an article which ran in U.S. News and World Report, …

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After “FAKE NEWS” Claims, Pundits Call Templeton – Female Trump

Catherine Templeton

A candidate for S.C. Governor went after McClatchy owned, The State Newspaper on twitter this week calling the group, “Fake News.” College of Charleston political scientist Gibbs Knotts told the Charleston Post and Courier, Templeton’s accusations were “pretty astonishing. “It’s rare to use this ‘fake news’ term in a state race.” …

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TDF: Win Or Lose, North Myrtle Beach Shows Integrity

North Myrtle Beach

By Paul Gable of the Grand Strand Daily North Myrtle Beach is to be commended on taking what many consider the proper approach to deciding whether to institute a tourism development fee (TDF) in the city. City Council decided it was appropriate for the residents of North Myrtle Beach to …

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