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Beach Water Pollution, Hurricanes, Rip Tides, And Jelly Fish Updates

Humpback Whales Spotted Along Myrtle Beach Coast

Whales Spotted Springmaid

Humpback whales were seen traveling the coast of Myrtle Beach over the past few days. Two humpback whales were traveling the coast in tandem. According to the South Carolina State Parks Facebook page, the two humpbacks were spotted from the Myrtle Beach State Park pier. “Sometimes during the winter months, …

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11 Ways Myrtle Beach Residents Can Reduce Water Pollution

Flooded NIchols

Contributed by Special Reporter: John Hawthorne Want to Help Reduce Water Pollution? Here’s How… “If I don’t drink water, I’m going to die.” – desperate Puerto Rican trying to survive. The fact of the matter is that we can’t live off of beer and energy drinks. H2O is a precious commodity, we simply can’t …

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Affluent Dunes Area Infected – 92 Times Unsafe

92 TIMES UNSAFE MyrtleBeachSC.com, by chance, filmed teens wading in the exclusive Dunes Area of Myrtle Beach. The waters were ninety two times unsafe for swimming.  The swash was not closed and is not legally required to be closed because of long term swimming advisory signs posted in the area.  …

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Hurricane Irma Tracks West Away From Myrtle Beach

Irma FL

The projected forecast for Hurricane Irma has shifted West. The storm is projected to make land in Southern Florida and run along the land mass of the State of Florida. If that trajectory holds, Myrtle Beach, S.C. will be spared all but tropical storm effects from this Hurricane. Windy.com provides …

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Rains Bring Expected Bacteria Spikes In Ocean Water

Myrtle Beach

Three days of heavy rains this week, produced expected unhealthy bacteria spikes in ocean water at two area drainage locations in downtown Myrtle Beach. As the Carolina Country Music Festival begins today, here are the troubled swimming areas tourists should avoid. 8th Avenue North in front of this week’s Country Music …

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Beach Alert – Rainy Days Cause Bacteria Spikes

Myrtle Beach Bacteria

As Myrtle Beach  has now experienced several days of hard rains,  with a continuation of those rains forecast-ed today, tourists do need to be on the alert for bacteria spikes occurring in the eight swash areas along the nine mile section of Myrtle Beach. A swash area is an area that …

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Tests Show Leaders Lied About Water Bacteria

Withers Swash

Tuesday’s bacteria readings taken on 3rd Avenue South Oceanfront at Withers Swash by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental control came in at 44 times unsafe for swimming. This after an April 17th test reading on 67th Avenue North oceanfront came in at 77 times unsafe. Over 53 test readings …

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