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11 Ways Myrtle Beach Residents Can Reduce Water Pollution

Contributed by Special Reporter: John Hawthorne Want to Help Reduce Water Pollution? Here's How... “If I don't drink water, I’m going to die.” - desperate Puerto Rican trying to survive. The...

Fun Humor On WRNN 99.5

WRNN SHOW PART 1 WRNN SHOW PART 2 Stuart Axelrod of the Stuart Axelord Hour, which is broadcast on WRNN 99.5, invited David Hucks of

Carey & Residents Apologize, Then Thank Bubba Hinson

"A Firefighter And A Cell Phone Did More To Hold Myrtle Beach Officials Accountable Than Our Reporting Has Done For The Past Decade,"  said...

RHODES TELLS WMBF – TOP PRIORITY – DEFENDING OUR BEACH FROM #FAKENEWS Attacks does ask this one question: "What media source in Myrtle Beach is most responsible for holding Myrtle Beach officials accountable?" After participating in the...

Ocean Pollution Is Injuring SC Marine Life

ARTICLE BY FEATURED WRITER: SHARON TUTRONE Our world is a trashy society, and that is causing big problems to oceans and the marine life that...

Horry County May Pay $33.5 Million For False Claims Against Private Business

Horry County Reverses Story on Skydive Myrtle Beach Alleged Violations Investigative Reporter Paul Gable of the, exposes how Horry County filed 112 allegations against...


Robert Meyerowitz of the Nerve lays out the influence Brad Dean had on newly selected highway commissioner.   Decision to replace Mike Wooten was made in...

Golf Course Owner Shanghaid Investors

Local Investigative Journalist Paul Gable, of uncovers the dirty underside of how Dan Liu, operating in full view of Myrtle Beach city government, Horry...

State Corruption Probe Continues Says Judge

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber C.E.O Brad Dean and his political allies were dealt a blow this a.m. when Judge Knox McMahon ruled special prosecutor David...

Resident Asks City Council To Fully Weigh Chamber’s Offer

EMAIL SENT TO MYRTLE BEACH CITY GOVERNMENT By Rich Malzone - Make Myrtle Beaches Free, Clean, And Safe Dear Mayor Rhodes and all Myrtle Beach City...

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